Original Battlefield Relics



This site contains original items recovered from the waterloo battlefield which date from the battle on 18th June 1815.

We will also shortly be adding a huge collection of items from The American civil war battlefield of Gettysburg dating from July 1863. Look out for our new Marston Moor 1644 English Civil war relic collection which will be added soon.


These unique relics are now available for purchase from our private collection, the collection includes items such as swords with proven provenance from the original Edward Cotton collection.


Amongst the more unusual items are muskets recovered from the battlefield and stored in the roof of an old house for nearly 200 years.


The smaller items were all mostly recovered between 1980 to 2005 by a Belgian Collector and Metal detectorist and include a wide range of finds such as musket balls, cavalry spurs,cannon balls and other personal items.

We have recently purchased a collection found much more recently in 2011-2012 and these items will be available on the website shortly.


Also newly acquired is the Derek Saunders collection. Derek led an expedition to rebuild the Well at Hougoumont and was a well know author and Waterloo committee member. Over the years Derek found some amazing items and many will be available soon on this website.


Each and every item purchased from this site, includes a signed detailed certificate of provenance and a location of find map. Every item has a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Unique finds