About Waterloo Relics

Waterloo Relics is owned and operated by Dave Phillips.

Dave is a full time Autograph dealer and show organiser and Waterloo Relics is a part of his main company Movie Star Autographs.


So how did i come to owning such a large and wonderful collection.

It all started when my dad took me to see the Movie Waterloo way back in the 1970s.

As a 6 year old boy i sat and stared at the battle raging before me on the big screen.

From that moment on i was hooked. I pestered my family for months to buy me all the books, model kits, soldiers and anything related to the battle.

I played for hours with those toy soldiers never dreaming that one day i would own some of those real pieces of history.

So in 2000 i began corresponding with several metal detectorists in Belgium and gradually built the collection you see today.


By far my luckiest break came when i managed to buy the entire in storage contents of the closed down Broadstairs waterloo museum. Opened in 1990 by the then Duke of Wellington it contained one of the world's foremost collections of Waterloo related memorabilia. When it closed in 1999 most items went to auction but some were stored by a friend of the owners and have just come to light. There are many wonderful historic pieces amongst them and you will find all on this website as they are placed up for sale. Many come with notes of provenance from the owner Derek Saunders and the smaller items come with copies of these letters.


As a full time Autograph dealer and a director on the board of the worlds largest autograph collecting club i have made authenticity and provenance my number one goal. If i did not get full provenance that item would not make it into my collection.

Many of the larger items took many months of research to find out as much information as possible before being accepted.

I back this up with a lifetime guarantee of Authenticity and a signed detailed certificate complete with a map of the find location if known. Also superimposed on the map is a photo of the actual item you have purchased. (Gettysburg relics have a different format certificate)


More recently i have expanded this website to include Relics from the American civil war Battlefield of Gettysburg and the English Civil war battlefield of Marston Moor ( Items from Marston moor include a full museum report and Gps Coordinates along with a certificate)


Please take time to browse this website and feel free to email or call with any questions you might have. 


I hope you enjoy the collection and this website

Dave Phillips