Project Hougoumont

Project Hougoumont exists with the sole purpose of preserving the past so we can enjoy it in the future. A registered charity set up to restore and rebuild one of the most important historical buildings on the battlefield. Watch the video, visit the website and pledge your support for this important and worthwhile cause.




“In my long experience of historical battlefields, few spots have the haunting appeal of the farm complex of Hougoumont on the field of Waterloo. In seeking to preserve this iconic spot we do not simply remember the British troops who held it.  We also applaud the courage of the German infantry who fought for the wood in front of it, of the brave Frenchmen who came so close to taking it and turning the fortune of the day, and of the cavalry whose charges swirled up and down the slopes within sight of its ancient walls, now in such acute peril. This is not a question of national pride or regimental commemoration.  It is about saving a fundamental piece of world history, and we simply must not fail.”

The Late Professor Richard Holmes, CBE TD
Chairman, Project Hougoumont



To view or print the project hougoumont brochure please click the link below. you can also print a donation form and learn more about the charity and project.


Project Hougoumont Appeal Brochure


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