Certificate of Provenance

 a certificate accompanies every item we sell. Each certificate includes all the information that we have on that item. Along with a photo superimposed on the map of the actual item that you have purchased.

Visit to the National Army Museum archives

Following our recent trip to the National Army museum to study the D.H.Parry cotton collection archive. We found out some useful information about some of the collection items. The archive consists of some of the only known photos of the cotton collection pieces. However after going through all 209 photos only a few actually relate to the museum items and many are local scenes ,furniture and buildings. None of the photos appear to be dated but it would appear that many were taken after the collection was auctioned as some of the monuments were not built until after 1909. As an archive it remains as one of the sole sources of information on the cotton collection. We spent a good deal of time going through the archive and thanks to all at the Museum for making this possible.

One discovery we did make was an 1803 pattern sword from the peninsular war with an almost identical badge to the one we have. This almost certainly means that our latest aquisition is from the 52nd light infantry.