Sgt Major Edward Cotton 7th Hussars

Edward cotton was born on the Isle of Wight in 1792. In 1812 he joined up and served in the peninsular War and fought at Waterloo.

In 1828 after 21 years service he left the army with the rank of Troop Sgt Major. and returned to Waterloo where he met and married a local girl.

Cotton then set himself up as an Innkeeper and battlefield guide. He soon became famous as the worlds leading authority on the battle and after talking with many hundreds of veterans who had fought there he amassed a knowledge unequalled by anyone then or since.

Cotton began to collect together artifacts from the battlefield which were in the 1830's still readily available. He soon had the largest and most respected collection ever put together. Cotton lived and worked on the battlefield for many years and wrote the Book "A voice from Waterloo"

His museum became a leading tourist attraction and a byword for authenticity.

What Cotton didn't know about the battlefield and it's relics simply wasn't worth knowing.

Sadly he died in 1849 aged 57.

The Museum flourished until 1909 when the collection in it's entirety was auctioned and split up throughout the world.

Over 3,000 items were included in the auction and very few ever come up for sale today. Even fewer have any provenance and almost none retain original tags and letters.

To own a piece from the Cotton Collection is considered the ultimate in a Waterloo collectors must have list. We have very few items available from this collection but those that we do have are spectacular pieces of history to be cherished forever.